My UK publishers for Absorption and its sequels, as well as Bone Song and Dark Blood, are the terrific folk at Gollancz, the SF imprint of Orion.

The publishers of Edge and the forthcoming Point, in the UK and US and elswhere, are Angry Robot.

My lovely US publishers for the Tristopolis books are Bantam (Random House).

The magnificent Pyr SF publish my other SF books in the US.

In the UK, To Hold Infinity, Paradox, Context and Resolution are published by Bantam which is an imprint of Transworld.

Links to places I find interesting

John in sub fusc. (That's not rude, honestly.)
Oxford University Software Engineering Programme

A superb programme for professional software engineers, offering an MSc that is challenging and hugely wortwhile. It's run in the Oxford University Computing Laboratory which is Oxford's computer science department.

Physics World

An up-to-date guide to what's going on in physics and the entire universe. The magazine is produced by the Institute of Physics; much of the mag can be accessed without being in the IOP. (I'm a member, though.)

Richard Feynman public domain image

The Richard Feynman 1964 Messenger lectures Feynman has been one of my heroes since I was an undergraduate. Here he is in the famous 1964 lectures on the nature of physical law. (It's a Microsoft offering that also showcases a new video-viewing application.)

Steve Morris - martial arts legend
Steve Morris - legendary fighter

For real fighters... Britain's most noted martial artist. Until he pissed every one of them off, Britain's top karate guys proclaimed Steve Morris the best martial artist that the UK has ever produced. But Steve abandoned karate long ago for harsher and more realistic training. In his 60s, he took out a professional MMA fighter (with a 100-fight record, at the peak of his career) with ease. His training material is based on biomechanics and neurology, and his attitude is a deliberate berserker psychosis. His partner is renowned SF writer Tricia Sullivan.

John after his workout
Combat Conditioning

Matt Furey's bodyweight exercises are excellent. Used by elite martial artists (including, apparently, instructors of the US Marine Corps Martial Arts Program), and by people who simply like a routine they can do anywhere, even in a hotel room. The core exercises are traditional calisthenics used by Indian wrestlers and more latterly by Japanese submission fighters.

John at the Borderlands table at Worldcon, Boston
Borderlands Books

These lovely people are based in San Francisco. The gentleman with the long black hair is Alan Beatts, whose party trick is weirder than mine. He can pass his entire body through a coat hangar. Like a hula hoop, but much smaller... His hairless alien cat Ripley goes to work in the bookstore with him every day.

John with Paul McKenna Paul is the UK's number-one non-fiction author and a household name from his TV shows: a master hypnotist.