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Tristopolis Revenge

From award-winning author John Meaney comes a thrilling tale of Tristopolis, a Gotham-like city beneath perpetually dark skies, where the bones of the dead fuel the reactor piles, indentured wraiths power the elevators, and daylight never shines.

Tristopolis has faced eldritch dangers before, with resurrected cop-turned-PI Donal Riordan at the forefront of keeping his city safe – but this time it's the ones he loves who face the deepest risk. Will he be in time to save them? Or will the only thing left be revenge?

Tristopolis Howling
There's no such thing as ghosts, not even in Tristopolis, and zombie detective Donal Riordan knows it. So when his dead lover appears in his boxing gym, he knows that something dangerous has arisen. But the threat facing him and his new partner Mel, and perhaps the entire world, is of eldritch origin and far more powerful – and stranger – than anything he's faced before.

Without his former colleagues to help him, can he even survive the day? Or is Tristopolis doomed?

New Jerusalem
The year is 1962, in a different world. The setting is New Jerusalem: the free Jewish state, founded in 1948, that occupies 15 percent of pre-war Germany. Cold war is a growing threat, made more likely by a neo-Nazi resurgence in Outer Germany.

David Wolf is a scientist and a spy, tragically in love with a woman who can never be his.

When treachery, betrayal and weapons-grade uranium mix together, can one lone Wolf possibly save lives and a fragile peace from total annihilation?

Also out... THE RAGNAROK TRILOGY in a new US/Canadian edition.

From across a cosmic void, the Darkness moves. At scattered points in human history, some individuals become its tools, while others stand against them: Ulfr, a young Viking; Gavriela, pioneering physicist and World War 2 cryptographer; Roger Blackstone, a 27th century mu-space Pilot.

There are others, but will they be enough to save humanity's descendants a million years from now, when the Darkness and its forces reach the heart of our galaxy?

Ragnarok book 1 Ragnarok book 2 Ragnarok book 3

Also out... STRATEGY PATTERN Case and Kat return in a new contemporary cyber thriller.

Case & Kat book 2

An explosive cyber attack kills two hundred innocent civilians. Just miles away, an unknown assassin murders the head of IACS, Britain's most secret cyber agency.

Case and Kat – the agency's toughest, smartest operators – are desperate for revenge. For justice.

But they'll need all their combat skills and cyber expertise to face a conspiracy of apocalyptic proportions, launched from the harsh Icelandic wilderness. Can two desperate people halt a global attack and avert World War Three?

From award-winning author John Meaney, another mission for Case and Kat, drawing on Meaney's own experience of hardcore martial arts and leading-edge computing, and shadowy hints from the real-world special forces working the interzone between cyber and kinetic warfare.


Donal Riordan book 3
The cop: Donal Riordan, undead, imprisoned in a coffin below ground. The city: Tristopolis, gothamesque and baroque, its unchanging sky deep purple, its elevators propelled by indentured wraiths, and its power produced by necroflux reactors, fuelled by the bones of the dead.

When powerful conspiracies threaten Tristopolis from the far side of the world, can a freed Donal find a way to stop them, and in the process find a reason to carry on existing?

Also out... ON THE BRINK brings a timely new look at the Cold War spy thriller. Russian technology, a computer heist in 1950s East Berlin, and more.

Paul Reynolds book 1
John Meaney... a brilliant, inventive writer... Absorption is his most compelling and accomplished work yet... he may produce his masterpiece in The Ragnarok Trilogy...Absorption is the best hard science fiction I�ve read this year, well written, exciting, mysterious, full of interesting characters and ideas... The Times, London

For readers of my Tristopolis books, please note that Black Blood and Dark Blood are the same book, released under different titles by different publishers, either side of the Atlantic. (If you buy books online, it's not obvious when you're buying a foreign import, which might be a different edition of something you already own.)

What I do

I live in South Wales, write books, teach a little software engineering, and train six or seven days a week in my dojo. (That's the big shed in my garden. Or wherever I happen to be.) Simple.

The nice things people say

A brilliant, inventive writer.The Times

A masterclass in characterisation. Eric Brown, The Guardian

A spectacular writer. He makes SF seem all fresh and new again. Robert J. Sawyer, Hugo Award-winning author

A wonderful writer who deserves worldwide recognition. Cheryl Morgan, Emerald City

John Meaney has rewired SF. Everything is different now. Stephen Baxter

One of the best authors of hard SF in the world... SFX

One of British science fiction's most original and exciting practitioners. Barnes & Noble