John Meaney

One of the most original voices, and most insightful thinkers, the genre has ever produced. Robert J. Sawyer, award-winning author of FlashForward

I'm John Meaney, science fiction and fantasy author. I also write near-future thrillers under the pseudonym of Thomas Blackthorne. Welcome to my virtual home! Pull up a chair, and let's catch up on what's happening.

RESONANCE, the concluding volume of the Ragnarok space opera trilogy, is now available.

Ragnarok: volume 2

John Meaney... a brilliant, inventive writer... Absorption is his most compelling and accomplished work yet... he may produce his masterpiece in The Ragnarok Trilogy...Absorption is the best hard science fiction Iíve read this year, well written, exciting, mysterious, full of interesting characters and ideas... The Times, London

For readers of my Tristopolis books, please note that Black Blood and Dark Blood are the same book, released under different titles by different publishers, either side of the Atlantic. (If you buy books online, it's not obvious when you're buying a foreign import, which might be a different edition of something you already own.)

What I do

I live in South Wales, write books, teach a little software engineering, and train six days a week in my dojo. (That's the big shed in my garden. Or wherever I happen to be.) Simple.

The nice things people say

A brilliant, inventive writer.The Times

A masterclass in characterisation. Eric Brown, The Guardian

A spectacular writer. He makes SF seem all fresh and new again. Robert J. Sawyer, Hugo Award-winning author

A wonderful writer who deserves worldwide recognition. Cheryl Morgan, Emerald City

John Meaney has rewired SF. Everything is different now. Stephen Baxter

One of the best authors of hard SF in the world... SFX

One of British science fiction's most original and exciting practitioners. Barnes & Noble